When you catch yourself daydreaming, looking all lost and far away. The way someone makes you feel, takes you away dreaming, especially when they are out of react, as on a different continent and all you can do is dream about them. Drool about them.
Does he even know..

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Living the dream, huh.. Well, dreams change and take time to become 100% fulfilled.  I lived my dream, I lived in the place I had always dreamt of living, having a life and great friends, speaking the language. I was there, working, making tiny bits of money staying hungry both for food and success. Don’t give up, you be full one day.

Living the dream



Growing up , money was never wasted, but very well spent if any was left. My mother had bought a new bright red lipstick. I wanted to look like her, as nice, with red lips. Being as little as I was, the concept of lipstick wasn’t very familiar, other than making momma look extra nice. Little did I know, I ate it. Mommas brand new red lipstick, the little shit of a child ate it. I ruined mommas lipstick, the one she had probably saved up to buy, I still feel bad decades later. This illustration is called “SORRY MOM”, for this exact reason.

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Bushwick. Walking in, sitting down at the bar smiling and saying “A soup and a salad, please and thank you”. The bartender smiles back at you, pours you a Bud Heavy draft and a well tequila shot, because he knows you are tequila and not whiskey. “That will be 5 bucks, please”.  You slide over a $10 bill and leave a couple as a tip, but also leave the rest laying on the bar just a bit closer to you, because both you and the bartender know, that this isn’t the last one you’ll have tonight.
Welcome to 101 Wilson and the soup n salad lifestyle.

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