I have a few favorite expressions, and I think they are so great I want to share them with the world.
My #2 is one I have only known for about a year; “It’s not dumbing down, its opening up”.

My education doesn’t scream tech, but it has always been very interesting and impressive to me.
Now, I work in a tech department, Emerging Technology, sounds impressive right? Well, it is! I am on a daily basis impressed by my teammates and what they can do. As I mentioned I walked down a different path in College, a more creative one, and so I dont always understand 100% of what the guys are talking about. Sometimes I write posts to update the rest of the organisation about what is going on in our tech-family. In these posts I write about things that are far outside my (current) knowledge-base and skill-set, but I am also writing for all different kinds of people, not just very technical people, so I need to do what? Open up the information so that EVERYONE can understand what we are working on. Before I heard this expression I actually used to tell people to “dumb it down” for me, but after I learned of this expression I now ask them to “open it up”. Sounds so much better and also so much more respectful to myself.

Whats another good expression?