how you can make me feel so little?

it is a mystery to me
how you can make me feel so good
pumps my blood but it kills me
I wish I could read your mind to see
if the thoughts in your head ever were good and true about me
how can you love two women at the same time?
and how do you manage to fool me to believe you are mine
it is a skill I wish for no one,
as its evil and shouldn’t exist
but like you said to me ‘we can’t control our feelings’
so i guess
I am the second and will always be
it is not what I want in life and it saddens me
what happened to ‘I’ll be yours and you be mine, forever and always till the end of time’
how did we get so evil, mankind
so comfortable with deceit and
the second choice, the next in line
wait your turn and you’ll be fine
who ever said that was always first
never waiting while your inside burst



Libra season is coming up, y’all!
Reading about astrology signs I have over the past years gotten a better understanding of myself and my friends and why we are they way we are. As my birthday is in the end of the seventh of the 12 signs (13 if you will), October 17th, I am a Libra, and most of the time very happy about that.

Libra is an Air sign and is therefor known to have a strong intellectual connection with the world, loves to analyze and solve problems (YES! – a little too much!!) The ruling planet is Venus, the planet of luxury, beauty and love, and makes us Libras add energy of charm and embellishment to everything we touch. We sound pretty wonderful, huh!? Some more traits for Libras are that we are diplomatic peacekeepers and constantly finding and looking for the beauty in things. The symbol for Libras is often shown as the Scale of Justice, we don’t like when things are unfair and we stand up for the ones who need support. We tend to be unbiased and able to keep an open mind – this is one of my favorite traits for myself and other Libras. I am very often asked by my friends for advice when it comes to negotiations or simply conversations, especially when it comes to their significant others. This is something I appreciate and after reading about Libras, it makes sense now too, you know, that they ask me I mean. On Refinery29.com, they say that Libras are romantic and want that first date spark forever, making it difficult for us to settle down with just one other person (do not agree with that last part, haha!) They also said that we are the sign of harmony so even breakups with us wont be that bad. Which made me think of, I was seeing this guy, who is also a Libra, and when the romance between us ended, for whatever reason (I still wonder what happened), our relationship kind of just faded for a little bit, and then we stared to talk more again and ended up being friends. We are both happy that we are still friends and I think we agree on how much it sucks when you have cared about a person and they completely vanish from your life. Him being a Libra as well, we obviously have a lot of things in common, though Libra+Libra isn’t the most compatible when it comes to romantic relationships. Libras are also said to get the party started and get the crowd going as well as being trend-setters and spotters! I love my sign.

All of these good things being said, I am going to spit out some of the shits of being a Libra. We tend to overthink, overanalyze and be too kind. Believe me people take kindness for weakness and use you (me..). Also the fact about being trendsetters, I have always had this urge of being different, looking different, listening to different music and doing different things than most of my friends. And as liberating as this is, it can also be a little tiring sometimes. Not that I put a lot of energy into being different, that’s just is the way it is kinda, but rather that actually being and looking different can be a bit of a “job” sometimes, mostly because people are mean and narrow-sighted. People hate on you, look at you weird and though I never really cared too much about what people thought of me, there is still a little part of me that cares. ANYWAYS. If it was too much, I’d just look like “everyone” else. Back to the start of this post though, every time I read about Libras, what we are usually like, I learn something new about myself, and my fellow Libras, I love it. #LibraLife


I look for you when the sun goes down
When it gets dark and hard to see
So dark that no one sees that we are actually around

When the sun don’t shine, you’re my friend right
When its dark outside, it is sometimes you and me
When the moon shines, we are tight right
When the sun is up though, we are distant
Like we haven’t seen each other without clothes
I just wish that when the sun is up, we could still be existent
But when the sun is up, the truth always shows