The Feels


I honestly didn’t know how I would feel. 

Accomplished? Disappointed? Proud ? Nothing? 
I really I didn’t think I was going to feel that much. But there it is, I feel ALL of those things. Accomplished because I did something I never thought I was able to. Something on my complete own. 
Disappointed because I could have done better. 
Proud because I never thought I was smart. 
And lastly nothing, because…what do I do now? 
My friends are married and have children, plural, I am so far behind. But luckily there’s no ONE way of doing life. Hell if anyone were to dictate me on it. Holy smokes, as I am writing this it is less than 20 minutes ago that I had my last ever final exam, in finance non the less, an evening class at 9pm. I am on the subway on my way home right now. Smiling from ear to ear as I am buried in my phone typing this text aggressively fast. My stiletto nails tapping the screen. I am sure the guy next to me is annoyed with the sound, oh he has headphones, no worries! Though I’m not looking I can feel peoples stares, looking at me with my hoodie on and my glasses digging the music intensely as Caleb sings his song that hits me straight to the heart. Growing up is real. I am in my mid twenties so I guess it’s about time. 
Anyone hiring?
(illustration from vectorstock)