Living the dream, huh.. Well, dreams change and take time to become 100% fulfilled.  I lived my dream, I lived in the place I had always dreamt of living, having a life and great friends, speaking the language. I was there, working, making tiny bits of money staying hungry both for food and success. Don’t give up, you be full one day.

Living the dream



Bushwick. Walking in, sitting down at the bar smiling and saying “A soup and a salad, please and thank you”. The bartender smiles back at you, pours you a Bud Heavy draft and a well tequila shot, because he knows you are tequila and not whiskey. “That will be 5 bucks, please”.  You slide over a $10 bill and leave a couple as a tip, but also leave the rest laying on the bar just a bit closer to you, because both you and the bartender know, that this isn’t the last one you’ll have tonight.
Welcome to 101 Wilson and the soup n salad lifestyle.

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