Living the dream, huh.. Well, dreams change and take time to become 100% fulfilled. I lived my dream, I lived in the place I had always dreamt of living, having a life there and great friends, speaking the language every day. I was there, working, making tiny bits of money, staying hungry both for food and success. Todays advice: don’t give up, you’ll be full one day.

Living the dream



Growing up , money was never wasted, but very well spent if any was left. My mother had bought a new bright red lipstick. I wanted to look like her, as nice, with red lips. Being as little as I was, the concept of lipstick wasn’t very familiar, other than making momma look extra nice. Little did I know, I ate it. Mommas brand new red lipstick, the little shit of a child ate it. I ruined mommas lipstick, the one she had probably saved up to buy, I still feel bad decades later. This illustration is called “SORRY MOM”, for this exact reason.

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Bushwick. Walking in, sitting down at the bar smiling and saying “A soup and a salad, please and thank you”. The bartender smiles back at you, pours you a Bud Heavy draft and a well tequila shot, because he knows you are tequila and not whiskey. “That will be 5 bucks, please”.  You slide over a $10 bill and leave a couple as a tip, but also leave the rest laying on the bar just a bit closer to you, because both you and the bartender know, that this isn’t the last one you’ll have tonight.
Welcome to 101 Wilson and the soup n salad lifestyle.

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how you can make me feel so little?

it is a mystery to me
how you can make me feel so good
pumps my blood but it kills me
I wish I could read your mind to see
if the thoughts in your head ever were good and true about me
how can you love two women at the same time?
and how do you manage to fool me to believe you are mine
it is a skill I wish for no one,
as its evil and shouldn’t exist
but like you said to me ‘we can’t control our feelings’
so i guess
I am the second and will always be
it is not what I want in life and it saddens me
what happened to ‘I’ll be yours and you be mine, forever and always till the end of time’
how did we get so evil, mankind
so comfortable with deceit and
the second choice, the next in line
wait your turn and you’ll be fine
who ever said that was always first
never waiting while your inside burst

The Feels


I honestly didn’t know how I would feel. 

Accomplished? Disappointed? Proud ? Nothing? 
I really I didn’t think I was going to feel that much. But there it is, I feel ALL of those things. Accomplished because I did something I never thought I was able to. Something on my complete own. 
Disappointed because I could have done better. 
Proud because I never thought I was smart. 
And lastly nothing, because…what do I do now? 
My friends are married and have children, plural, I am so far behind. But luckily there’s no ONE way of doing life. Hell if anyone were to dictate me on it. Holy smokes, as I am writing this it is less than 20 minutes ago that I had my last ever final exam, in finance non the less, an evening class at 9pm. I am on the subway on my way home right now. Smiling from ear to ear as I am buried in my phone typing this text aggressively fast. My stiletto nails tapping the screen. I am sure the guy next to me is annoyed with the sound, oh he has headphones, no worries! Though I’m not looking I can feel peoples stares, looking at me with my hoodie on and my glasses digging the music intensely as Caleb sings his song that hits me straight to the heart. Growing up is real. I am in my mid twenties so I guess it’s about time. 
Anyone hiring?
(illustration from vectorstock)