I have a few favorite expressions, and I think they are so great I want to share them with the world.
My #2 is one I have only known for about a year; “It’s not dumbing down, its opening up”.

My education doesn’t scream tech, but it has always been very interesting and impressive to me.
Now, I work in a tech department, Emerging Technology, sounds impressive right? Well, it is! I am on a daily basis impressed by my teammates and what they can do. As I mentioned I walked down a different path in College, a more creative one, and so I dont always understand 100% of what the guys are talking about. Sometimes I write posts to update the rest of the organisation about what is going on in our tech-family. In these posts I write about things that are far outside my (current) knowledge-base and skill-set, but I am also writing for all different kinds of people, not just very technical people, so I need to do what? Open up the information so that EVERYONE can understand what we are working on. Before I heard this expression I actually used to tell people to “dumb it down” for me, but after I learned of this expression I now ask them to “open it up”. Sounds so much better and also so much more respectful to myself.

Whats another good expression?


A superpower?


To my fathers displeasure I am one of those people who don’t turn on the light unless I have to.

For as long as I can remember, sticking my hand into the closet and feeling the fabrics, knowing exactly what garment I was touching, was how I found what I was looking for. Cotton isn’t just cotton, hunny; it is knitted, woven and spun in so very many different ways, and therefore a different feel and touch. Even though the majority of my clothes are black, I wanna be so bold to say I can feel colors on my fingertips. If I ever had a superpower, I think this is it…or perhaps just a dope skill. Who’s to say…

Part 1


After months I dare say, of small amounts of energy and positive vibes (or any vibes at all), I found myself one evening in dire need of inspiration. As i laid on the couch flicking through photos from the last 4 years, slowly but surely something was building up inside. A tingling feeling in my shoulders and stomachache, and it was like my brain had a double shot of dopamine- this how it feels when inspiration hits. As I write this it is the day after, and the inspiration has settled down a little bit and also moved. It is now in my fingers; typing like a mother!

What caused the inspiration was makeup and clothing, more accurate – style. Aesthetics gets me every time. Not only in makeup and clothing, but in color choices, bathroom tiles, gradients in flowers, knitting techniques, how a proper White Russian or an Irish Coffee is separated in layers, the Chanel fashion shows, marble, paintings, illustrations and shiny hair. I can go on, but my point is, beauty is everywhere, and its so very inspiring.

Where do one get inspiration from though, when the world is locked down? No place to travel in the world, let alone your own city. The easiest and (in) hand’y source to many, i dare say, would be instagram? Holler at me if you full on disagree. We have the world in our hands these day with technology, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m a fan. Another thing that I’m also a fan of is physically touching things; a magazine, pen and paper, silk, a baguette from a café in France. Now instagram and all other apps on my phone has been a valid source of inspiration for a while, but now, I am sick of it. New features, whoop-dee-woo, dont care. This little rectangle doesn’t satisfy me anymore, and it feels good and shit at the same time. As I mentioned things are a little different these days, so the travel part is out of the question, but back to the flicking through photos part, I was reminded of what used to be so inspirational to me, blogs, fashion blogs, street style blogs. So I got my computer out, its at least a bigger rectangle, and I look for inspiring blogs. If you think i remember ANY of the ones i used to read, you are wrong. And you know what, I couldn’t find shit.



I look for you when the sun goes down
When it gets dark and hard to see
So dark that no one sees that we are actually around

When the sun don’t shine, you’re my friend right
When its dark outside, it is sometimes you and me
When the moon shines, we are tight right
When the sun is up though, we are distant
Like we haven’t seen each other without clothes
I just wish that when the sun is up, we could still be existent
But when the sun is up, the truth always shows