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Hello, My name is Maja, and this is my website

In short: Graphic Design degree from NKF in Oslo, and a B.B.A in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising from Berkeley College in New York. On this website I show my work, Graphic Design, Fashion Styling, Illustration and some writing. Branding and helping brands grow into their true selves, gives me energy and happiness. Things looking good, balanced and aesthetic gives me life. Recycle, reuse and do what you can for mother nature.

Another short: Fashion, trend, style.
Fashion is fun, it is supposed to be fun. Trends are fads that swing by and tornadoes our closet sometimes. Style, is who you are. The silver lining in your closet, the garment or colors that you constantly fall back on. The things in your closet that gives you energy and joy! Style is most importantly, individual. Now, not everyone has style, but some people are following trends and are up to date with the zeitgeist and what not, being “trendy”. Trendy does not mean style, style is deeper than that. I applaud the people who are themselves at all times, no matter what. Willing to adjust obviously for occasions, but who brings a twist to the dress code. Be you.


If you have any questions or inquiries please send an email. Thank you for stopping by.

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