Whilst writing this I’m over Saskatoon. A place I have only seen on the globus, now I look out the window and I see it, in real life, with my own eyes. Winnipeg too. And where I am going is way better, Los Angeles, city of angels. Calgary, Toronto, Denver. I am really going across the world. And by my self that is. Traveling alone, this trip just like my whole life, alone. I had a panic attac the other day, I was sure I was going to die. Terrified. Cried and didn’t want to go. I got passed that, and went, obviously. I’ve been on this flight, the second and last of the day, for a little over 7 hours now. Only 3 hours left, and I will be where I have believed for so many years is where I belong here in the world. Lately I haven’t been as sure as the years before. Home is where the heart is. And as much as I hate it when an action movie absolutely have to have a romantic end, I do want my life to be like that now. I had a taste of love, now I’d give up almost everything to get it back. That feeling. I was a pessimist for a hill and used to believe money would make me happy, I still kind of do, but now I know you also need love. Can not, at all, live without it. Love.

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